New on Atlas Obscura: Freedomland U.S.A, Long-Lost Disneyland of the Bronx

The cover from one of Freedomland's brochures, early 1960s.
The cover from one of Freedomland’s brochures, early 1960s.

While reporting about the east Bronx for my Craft II class at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, I stumbled across the Facebook group for the East Bronx History Forum. The club advertised an upcoming lecture and slideshow about Freedomland U.S.A–the massive, now-demolished theme park in the Bronx once called the “Disneyland of the East.” Having written a bit about long-gone entertainment districts, I just couldn’t resist! After listening to the fascinating, entertaining talk, I recorded audio clips of some of the attendees’ memories of their favorite attractions (The Great Chicago Fire was a big hit). My class assignment became my first feature story for Atlas Obscura. Check it out here!

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