Selected Articles

Science and Health

Human-Driven Climate Change is Changing the Colors of Fall Foliage, Scientists Say, The Washington Post

How to Biologists Put a Killer Whale Back Together, Bone By Bone, Mental Floss

Ice Age Human Footprints in Canada Reveal a Walk on the Beach Taken 13,000 Years Ago, Mental Floss

It’s Easy Being Green: Most Amphibians Are Biofluorescent, Study Finds, Mental Floss

More Than 350 Franklin Expedition Artifacts Retrieved from Shipwreck of HMS Erebus, Mental Floss

Hummingbirds March North, Fueled by Sugar Water, Sierra Magazine

Blasts from the Past: Old Nuke Films Offer New Insights, Scientific American

Home Sweet Dome: Bird Nests Used to Look More Like Fortresses, Scientific American

Tension in Taxonomy: Beetles Spark Heated Debate Between Traditional Taxonomists and DNA Bar Coders, Scientific American

NASA is Getting the “Before” Picture of the World’s Threatened Reefs, Hakai Magazine

Is That Buzz a Beyonce Fly or a Lady Gaga Wasp?, The Wall Street Journal (PDF)

Scientists Discover Massive Swarm of Crabs, The Wall Street Journal (PDF)

Big Tree Hunters Battle to Topple Records of Forest Giants, The Wall Street Journal (highlighted on NYI) (PDF) (roundup of Earth Day articles)

Singing Duets May Keep Fairy-Wrens from Cheating on Their Partners, The Wall Street Journal (PDF)

Astronomers Report Brightest Supernova Ever Discovered, The Wall Street Journal

Life Bustles in the Long Arctic Night, Hakai Magazine

How Green Cities Make for More Bats–and Why That’s Actually a Good Thing, The Washington Post

The Race to Save the Bonneville Salt Flats from a Slushy Demise,

250-Year-Old Eyewitness Accounts of Icier Arctic Attest to Loss of Sea Ice, Scientific American

Adventure and Exploration

Read One of the First Eyewitness Accounts of Antarctica, Mental Floss

Battling Ice and Injury, These Polar Explorers Traversed Unknown Lands, National Geographic

This Diver Found the World’s Deepest Underwater Cave, National Geographic

Decoding the Landscape in Africa’s Biodiversity Hotspot, National Geographic

Hikers Finish Epic Grand Canyon Thru-Hike, National Geographic

Exclusive: Deepest Underwater Cave Discovered, National Geographic

This Man is Hooked on Freeing Western Rivers from Deadbeat Dams, National Geographic

Wind, Cold, and Altitude Sickness: Winter at the South Pole, National Geographic

Everest Guide Shares What He Thinks Went Wrong on the Mountain, National Geographic

History and Culture

A Supreme Court Justice Hiked 185 Miles to Save Washington’s C&O Canal from Becoming a Highway, The Washington Post

The Canadian Village Where Sasquatches Are Said to Roam, Mental Floss

How 19th Century Photographer Anna Atkins Changed the Way We Look at Science, Mental Floss

Keeping The Times Civil, 16 Million Comments and Counting, The New York Times

Meet The New York Times’s Super-Commenters, The New York Times

The Charming English Fishing Village that Inspired Dracula, Mental Floss

How Samuel F.B. Morse Brought Photography to America, Mental Floss

Exploring Ties Between Nature, History, and Race, National Geographic

A Painter Memorializes the Planet’s Icy Grandeur, the Wall Street Journal (PDF)

The Monster Ships That Changed Travel, BBC Future

Why Elizabeth Hamilton is Deserving of a Musical of Her Own,

Canada’s Prime Minister is Obsessed with a Missing Explorer: An archaeological quest to promote Canadian exceptionalism and rule the Northwest Passage, Slate

How Samuel Mudd Went from Lincoln Conspirator to Medical Savior,

Crokinole Gains a Following in Brooklyn, Thanks to a Canadian Expat, The Toronto Star

The Rise and Suspiciously Rapid Fall of Freedomland U.S.A., Atlas Obscura