“The Forbidden Apple” Grabs Two Radio Interviews

I’m going fast and furious on the airwaves here. Yesterday I recorded an interview for “Behind the News” with Doug Henwood, a great show that “covers the worlds of economics and politics and their complex interactions, from the local to the global…Since mystification is one of the tricks that power uses to maintain itself, emphasis is always placed on clarifying the complex.” I hope I clarified the complex when it comes to sex in New York, because frankly, a lot of the moves made by the anti-sex crowd mystified me.

Also yesterday, out of the blue I received an email from a producer at Newstalk, a national radio station in Ireland (!). I recorded a 10-minute interview with host Sean Moncrieff, whose show is simply called Moncrieff! No other explanation needed, apparently. I answered a few queries about the porn industry and its future. Sean and the nice Irish ladies who set up the interview all spoke at 100 miles (200 kilometres) an hour and I felt like I was drawling my responses like an uncouth American. Whaddyagonnado? It was 7:45am Eastern time.

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