The Plastic Bag: An Incredible Journey

I feel so used.
I feel so used.

I have an intense hatred of plastic bags. I have learned that it is not very hard to remember to bring a reusable tote with you to the store. You can stash one in your purse, because they roll up to nothing. You can keep one in your car, if you have a car. You could even tie one to your bike and leave it for emergency beer runs. No one will steal it, because EVERYONE HAS REUSABLE TOTE BAGS. They are everywhere. They should be used.

While my personal campaign to get New York City to ban plastic bags along with giant sodas continues, you may enjoy this excellent mockumentary produced by Heal the Bay, a Southern California-based group that works toward healthy coastal waters. I almost feel glad for the plastic bag as it makes its heroic way to its petrochemical-based friends in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. But not quite.


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